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Fetching your Quote

Why we're the right choice

Every business is different and that’s why we ask the right questions at the right time to ensure your policy is tailored to suit your business needs.  The reality is that the true value of any insurance policy is only tested in the event of a claim, and by tailoring your policy you can be confident that you aren’t leaving things to chance.

expert insurance advice

Expert Advice

With over 100 years of continuous trade, you can rest assured our team have the knowledge and expertise to handle your insurance purchase.

Extensive insurance coverage

Price and Coverage

By making the most of our extensive insurance network, we ensure you enjoy the benefits of low premiums and broad coverage so you are fully covered in the event of a claim.

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 Time Saving

Get a quote for your professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance by answering only four risk specific questions.

Not all insurance providers are the same

FD Beck is an insurance broking firm which means we are dedicated to being your advocate. We act on your behalf 100% of the time, no questions asked. This ensures that you have access to our in-house expertise, claims handling knowledge and know that we are your representative and not a middle man for an insurer.

We are here to:

  • Negotiate with your insurer to ensure we get the best deal available.
  • Tailor your policy to meet your specific needs.
  • Answer any questions you have as part of the policy purchase or throughout the policy period.
  • Be your first port of call in the event of a claim.  We are here to help manage your claim and liaise with your insurer to ensure you can concentrate on running your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my premium calculated?

Whilst there are a number of factors which determine the coverage afforded under your Professional Indemnity policy there are only a handful of questions to be answered in order to generate an indicative quotation which we have detailed below;

  • Occupation –the greater the perceived risk of a particular occupation or industry group the higher the premium will be.  This ‘risk’ is based on an insurers review of historical claims data, as well as legislative requirements that may attach to a particular occupation.
  • Professional fees – in general terms, the greater the professional fees the greater the exposure that attaches to the risk.
  • Limit – in short the higher the limit, the greater the potential loss of the insurer and therefore the higher the premium.
  • Claims experience –insurers require that you advise them of all Professional Indemnity claims made against your business, and whilst individual or one off claims do not normally raise a concern with insurers a trend of litigation will always result in an increase in the premium and or terms and conditions.

What benefits are attached to the FD Beck policy?

Defending yourself against allegations of a wrongful act is a time consuming and expensive process, and should a claim against your business be successful it can be financial crippling.  Professional Indemnity Insurance allows you to focus on running the business with the knowledge that should you ever have need to make a claim under your policy, the claim will be handled by your insurer who will in turn appoint professional legal counsel at their own expense.

  • Your policy wording is tailored to meet the needs of business consultants professionals in the Australian market
  • Cover against claims for compensation made by 3rd parties
  • Cover extends to include additional sums insured for defence costs incurred in defending any allegations or claims made against you
  • Your sum insured or limit of indemnity carries with it an automatic reinstatement in the event of a full limit loss
  • Dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or malicious acts or omissions of any Principal or Employee
  • Broad cover for legislative based claims such as breaches of Consumer Protection Legislation, allegations of Intellectual Property breaches, and formal Inquiries from regulatory bodies.

Why do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

In a society where litigation is now so prevalent (Australia is the second most litigious country in the world behind the USA), it is now recognised that Professional Indemnity Insurance is an essential tool to risk management as it helps protect both your personal and business assets from allegations of a wrongful act, regardless of their validity.

Can I buy online?

The reality is we could allow you to quote, finalise and purchase your policy but to do so, in our opinion would be unethical as it could leave you exposed in the event of a claim. Professional Indemnity Insurance represents a contract at law, and whilst obtaining a quotation requires only a handful of questions to be asked it is reliant upon Us, your broker, to ensure that the coverage provided is tailored to mirror the risks that your business faces on a day to day basis.  A failure to ensure that we do this properly will undoubtedly leave you exposed in the event of a claim, which in essence defeats the purpose of purchasing the policy in question.

Outside of the basic quotation questions it is compliant upon Us need to know the following;

  • What your key business risks are
  • Why you are purchasing your policy
  • What are your concerns and
  • What makes your business unique

Without asking these questions, how can we ensure that you are properly covered in the event of a claim!

4 Must knows before buying Professional Indemnity Insurance

Not all insurance providers are the same.  At FD Beck, we are an insurance broker which means we are we are your advocate!  We act on behalf you, 100% of the time, no questions asked.  This ensures that you have access to our in-house expertise, claims handling knowledge and know that we are your representative and not a middle man for an insurer.  We are here to;

  • Negotiate with your insurer to ensure we get the best deal available.
  • Tailor your policy to meet your specific needs.
  • Answer any questions you have as part of the policy purchase or throughout the policy period.
  • Help manage your claims with your insurer.

Just as importantly not all Professional Indemnity Insurance policies are the same.  Not only do the policy terms and conditions differ from one insurer to another but the fundamental basis of the policy can also be different.

Before proceeding with any policy the following things must be asked;

  • Is my policy organised by an Insurance Broker or an Agent of the insurer?  Remember there is a significant difference particularly in the event of a claim.
  • Is my policy limit ‘Costs in Addition’ or ‘Cost Inclusive’?  The offering presented by FD Beck is ‘Cost in Addition’ which means that any costs incurred in defending your claim are always viewed separately to your limit of indemnity.  This ensures that should you be required to indemnify a third party, your Limit of Indemnity will always remain protected.
  • Is my policy excess ‘Costs Exclusive’ or ‘Costs Inclusive’?  All quotes issued by our online calculator are done so on the basis of being Cost Exclusive which means you will only pay a policy excess only if indemnity is granted to a third party.  Therefore should you have to deal with a baseless allegation your business will not incur any costs when notifying of a claim.

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is designed to cover the insured entity, its directors and employees from claims which result from an alleged breach of professional duty owed to a third party.  It is important to recognise that the policy responds to both the allegations of a wrongful act (regardless of their validity) as well as indemnity’s paid to third parties which means the policy is essentially separated into two sections being;

  1. The Indemnity Clause – provides payment for compensation owing to third party and
  2. The Defence Costs Clause – those costs incurred in defending you against allegations made against the business.

Historically the cover was tailored to suit those industries that you would normally associate with ‘expert’ or ‘tailored’ advice such as Accountants, Engineers or Real Estate Agents but with an ever increasing rise in litigation it is now seen as standard risk management practice to ensure all professional service related businesses carry professional indemnity policy.

About Us

With a trading history in Australia dating back over 100 years you can rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to secure the right policy that covers you in your time of need.

The Beck family started trading in 1895 and continued to remain in the business until 1983, at which point the business was purchased by the Pascoe family. The  business is currently overseen by Simon and Matthew Pascoe, both of whom have enjoyed accomplished insurance careers both locally and overseas. Significantly both Simon and Matthew have extensive experience in both underwriting and broking that allows them to get a better understanding of your requirements.

FD Beck is the holder of AFS Licence No. 233784 and ABN No. 68004455038. FD Beck is part of the largest insurance broker network in Australia and New Zealand, the Steadfast Group. We are also a Foundation member of National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA).

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Our Directors

Simon Pascoe

Simon Pascoe

For the past 20 years, Simon has enjoyed a career in the insurance industry as both a broker and an underwriter. Prior to being a director at FD Beck, Simon had a successful 8-year management career with one of the worlds largest general insurers. This saw him deal with and structure insurance programs for some of Australia's largest insurance purchasers.

Matthew Pascoe

Matthew Pascoe

To date, Matthew has enjoyed an 18 year career both locally and abroad in the capacity as an insurance broker and insurer. Prior to joining FD Beck, Matthew held the position of underwriting manager for one of the country's largest professional and financial risk insurance providers and undertook a 2-year management contract with a Lloyds of London Insurance Syndicate.